R2 story

The year was 1996 ...

... Like a bunch of enthusiasts we have come to the market with glasses and accessories Relax. Already in the first years of Relax brand development naturally reflected the fact that the products are developed by athletes likely. In fact, the sports part of the production was the most successful, what came out of our workshop.

So we decided on a "second R" ... R2, "products for sports enthusiasts."

Everything now bears the logo R2 is our highest pride. To the "er-twos" we give the best that we can. The latest technology, top materials, best benefits. Because we are sports enthusiasts, R2 is the best thing we can do for you!

We are proud that we make R2 story in Czech conditions. Since we know how to create a product that is qualitatively at the level of world brands at a price that everyone can afford.

R2 Team ;-)