R2 benefits


Lenses automatically darken / lighten according to the intensity of sunlight.


Lenses eliminate annoying reflections, suitable for sport, driving, water activities. Polarization helps eyes to reduce their fatigue.

Pro Optic

To buy a removable RX insert into sports glasses. Once remowed, the frame can be used as ordinary sunglasses.


Production technology, which makes the helmet of a single high-strength and lightweight unit.


Spare removable and washable padding with bug net.


We garantee proved safety.


Fastening system that conforms to the shape and size of the head in two axes (vertical and horizontal). It can be manipulated with one hand using a pulling wheel.


Adjustment fitting system has been developed with a maximal emphasis to compactness of placing the helmet on skier's head. By using DUAL FIX (multiple security fitting system) is achieved a high helmet compactness with skier head which significantly increases overall safety. DUAL FIX control in the back of the helmet is very easy and intuitive.


Easy and quick fastening of safety straps under the chin improves the helmet's placing on the head. It reduces risk of helmet's movement on skier's head during impact and thus increases protection of his head.


Prevents flying insects while driving.


Revolutionary system of active ventilation reacts instantly to changes in outside environment and with the use of adjustable vents regulates the temperature inside the helmet.


Anti-bacterial removable and washable padding that can absorb sweat.


Made from a flexible material that conforms well to the hands shape.


Fingertips with non-slip surfaces improves griping of handlebars, brakes, stick.


Padding reduces pressure sore in stressed areas.


Gel reduces pressure sore in stressed areas.


Fleece surface for wiping forehead, nose and mouth.


Touch screen system.


Reflective elements increase athletes visibility.


Improves grip security, non-slip.


Significantly facilitates removing.


Gloves breathe better and carry off the misture.


High level of heat control THERMO.


Allows you to increase thermal comfort or raing protection.


Relax gloves offer lasting protection and comfort in bad weather. Permanent water-resistancy and high breathability is guarantee by technology in which the hydrophilic layer is applied to the fabric to form a solid layer. Guaranteed water resistancy has rating of minimum 10 000 g/m2/24h. guaranteed breathability has rating of minimum 5 000 g/m2/24h.


Extremely lightweight and very durable high-tech material with superior flexibility and shape memory, increased wearing comfort.


Antislip tips and nosepads. Prevent slip sunglasses which holds perfectly on your face.

Adjustable temples

All directions adjustable temples / temple tips provide comfort during wear and at the same time provide a good grip on the head.


Even more comfortable thanks to adaptability to any nose width.

No frame

Allow unlimited view in all directions even when bending down.

Impact Protection

Almost unbreakable lens material provides greater eye safety.


Sunglasses that can change on weather conditions and actual situation by replacing various lenses.

Hard case

Hard case protects sunglasses or lenses againts the damage.

Soft case

The soft microfiber cleaning pouch protect sunglasses againts scratches.

Soft touch

Velvety soft, very flexible and hardly strached material. Very usefull especially for kids collection.

Gradient lenses

Lenses shaded from top to bottom, wher the upper part is darker and the lower part i lighter. Looking through is more comfortable, natural and handy e.g. While driving.

Platinum lenses

Lenses covered in a special mirror layer which significantly reduces the amount of light reaching your eyes by simply reflecting most of it. This mirror layer is now available in all colours of the rainbow. The Platinum mirror layer is also abrasion resistant.


This material has very good thermal insulation characterictics. The fleece is very soft and pleasant to touch. Indisputable advantage of this material is that it preserves the feeling of dryness. The fibers structure increases the moisture transfer, unlike natural materials it does not absorb the moisture but only transfers it to the upper layer and therefore remains dry on the surface.


Thanks to its thermal insulation characteristic the wool is often used in the production of modern insulating layers of clothing. The wool has a high absorbency and elasticity, however the greatest potential is in its immediate insulating characteristic which you will mostly appreciate when you need quickly to warm up. This characteristic is determined by the structure of individual fibers between which there are small air pockets which create a perfect insulating effect. Wool fleece thicker than 34 microns can absorb a lot of moisture, warms in cold as well as in wet conditions.


Low weight for more comfortable ride.


Cold, wind or snow, these are conditions that you feel during winter sports. Modern functional SOFT PLATIN material suitable for manufacture of breathable and very comfortable shell layers of clothing will protect you and so you will make the most of your outside activities.


Very simple and intuitive regulation control method prevents from snow penetration into the Relax glove. It was designed to ensure maximum comfort of use. The regulation is controlled with only one hand. Strong and elastic rubber bands perfectly seal the glove with maximum accurancy. The cuff can be dragged over the jacket's sleeve which ensures secure closure and prevents snow from penetrating the interior of glove even in tough conditions.


Based on the expertise of physicians and testing by proffesionals we developed 3D MOTION, an unique ergonomics solution for gloves. In cooperation with leading gloves manufacturer with a long tradition and experience we designed 3D pattern and construction respecting ergonomics of skier's hand. By anatomic shaping copying fingers radius we achieved a natural shape of the glove with high comfort of use. In practice this shaping eliminates some of the annoying problems that can be caused by long-term skiing.


Branded HIPORA membrane intended to provide a protective barrier against water and wind retains the necessary breathability. Guaranteed waterproofness has rating of minimum 5 000 mm and guaranteed breathability has rating of minimum 3 000 g/m2/24h.


WINDBRAKER material is a fleece material combined with polyurethane membrane which guarantees a perfect windproofness and breathability. The material effectively prevents from the heat dissipation. Gloves from WINDBRAKER material are suitable for demanding outdoor activities but however you will appreciate them even during ordinary activities.


Modern functional material of softshell type composed of three layers suitable for the production of breathable and very comfortable clothing's upper layers protects against water and wind. Low weight, flexibility and wind-resistance make the gloves suitable for even for activities leading to high physical activity and increased sweating.


Removable safety LED light provides good visibility and increases passive protection for cyclists.


Enhanced security by magnifying and amplifying critical parts

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